Zach Crawford Review- Want to Learn More about Zach Crawford? 

By  Kenny

Why are you here?

Hey, you’re probably here because you want to invest in one of Zach Crawford’s programs. But you want to find out if Zach is a legit, ethical marketer first right?

That’s a fair question to ask. In fact, I did the exact same thing you did when I first found out about Zach.

I googled “Zach Crawford Review” because I wanted to find out more about him.

Initially, I found out about him when chatting with a Facebook friend about him. That led me to check out his Facebook profile and a few of his Youtube videos.

Do you agree he drops big value bombs in his videos? Wait til you get inside his program!

So after Youtube I Googled him up and was at the point you are now.

You’re probably skeptical and thinking will his program work for you.

I don’t blame you, anyone in your position looking to start out in affiliate marketing would feel the same way.

Join Zach Crawford’s Free Facebook Group

I suggest you join Zach’s Free Facebook group. Inside he reveals many of his top affiliate tips in his live training. He even reveals parts of his top training program.

Within the free group, you can interact with Zach and the community. If you don’t like it you can just leave the group. But honestly, he is not only a top marketer but a really caring, down to earth guy. Gives you the cold hard truth of what you need to do. And usually, it’s the opposite of what everyone else teaches.

Here are some of the training topics inside the Free group:

Zach Crawford Review - FB Training

Every week (usually Thursdays 8pm EST) he does a Free live training too inside the group.

Who am I?

I am one of his students in his TET program. I want to give you an inside look into his program, but also reveal what Zach is like as a person and how he can help you too.

My personal interaction with Zach Crawford

When I first joined his program he personally set up my autoresponder series and sales pages. All the techy stuff he took care of for me. It was during the Christmas period at the time and his staff were about to go on holiday, so he personally chipped in to help set everything up.

He even chatted with my domain name host to rectify an issue.

Any time I’ve asked him a question, he has answered within the day and with a thoughtful response. Within a few hours actually. He’s in the Philippines and I’m in Australia so we are in similar time zones.

He does his weekly live training for his top program on Zoom. You can share your work with him for review and ask anything you want. Best to have your questions beforehand prepared.

You can also jump on the live call if you just want to listen and learn.

Before I give you an inside peek into his program let me share his story…

The Zach Crawford Story and How it Can Inspire You

Zach is very open about his past.

He used to work in the post office.

In June 11, 2006 his life changed.

While on his motorbike, Zach was hit by a 16 year old drunk driver.

  • He sustained a bad injury to his legs.
  • He got depressed.
  • He was bedridden.

He drank, partied, did things he wasn’t proud of and put himself into a lot of debt.

Early 2010,

He worked 50 hours a week at the Post office.

What he describes as a dead-end job.

He hated his life.

One night he loaded up his gun and was about to kill himself.

He pressed the gun to his head.

Luckily his dog Athena was there.

She started to growl at him.

It was then that he realized that if he shot himself it would really hurt his parents. And he was being selfish and couldn’t do it.

At this point he decided to make a real change in his life.

Zach wanted to improve his health. Within 2 months he transformed his health. Worked out like a beast.

But his financial situation was still the same. He was still at his dead-end job.

So he did what you and anyone else has done. He googled “How to make money online”

For 2 years he bought and learned everything he could about the topic online.

One day as debt collectors were on his back, he decided to sell everything he had and move to the Philippines. He didn’t have a plan except that he wanted to start a web-based business.

At first, nothing worked. Actually, his outsourcing business did make him a profitable income, but then he made poor business decisions and blew it all away.

The Turning Point

The turning point to his success was when he shifted his focus to people first and profit second.

That’s when his income skyrocketed.

This is what Zach Crawford teaches:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Have a vision
  • Create a plan
  • Execute that plan
  • You can achieve anything you want

You can watch his free training here.

These are the modules inside the course

I’m not going to bore you and explain all the details of every module. You can see below for yourself.





All the videos go in-depth into each topic. The course is super detailed and Zach makes improvements to the course all the time without charging you extra.

Each section is broken into other categories:

Here are my biggest takeaways and how it may apply to you too.

The first module talks about mindset and the daily action plan you need to implement for your business. How you need to think Long term instead of Short term.

Module 3 is about creating sales funnels and pages. You can skip this section if you are promoting his program because his team will build the funnel for you. Cool right!

Module 4. Zach goes deep and I mean deep into Facebook and Youtube marketing. He explains what you need to do to build an audience on both platforms.

One of the best things about his program is that he gives you his done for you email swipes and social media posts. This saves you a ton of time trying to figure out what topics to write and post about.

But don’t copy and paste it. Instead, I suggest using it as a guide and learn how he writes. And rewrite it in your own words.

He teaches you how to develop your own story and write persuasive content inside the program.

My biggest takeaway from the course is to focus on one traffic source and one product to promote at a time before you start to scale.

There is a lot of content inside. Some videos go for 30 minutes. Some of the live training replays go for 3 hours. It’s not one of those each section only goes for 3 mins type of courses. You need to invest time and effort into this.

And Zach Crawford gives his time generously on the live calls to help and motivate all his students.

But any real business requires you to put in time and effort right?

Conclusion of this Zach Crawford Review

Zach’s program is all you need to go from Beginner to Pro. You don’t need another “Bonus” about some other course where you have to consume even more content?

It will just overwhelm you.

The course already includes an Advanced module on how to scale your business.

On top of that, you get the weekly live training where you can ask Zach anything you want. You can even message him and he personally answers you back!

Next steps

If you still need to think about it, I understand. Just join the Free Facebook Group. Zach delivers a ton of valuable affiliate marketing training in here for FREE. You will get some big AHA moments from the Free Training.

Access the Free Video Training Here. There are 3 training videos in this series:

  1. Zach reveals his 7 Figure Business Model that you can copy
  2. The Exact Sales process you need to follow to convert your leads into sales
  3. Traffic – Yes, the all-important how to get tons of traffic module

If you’re ready to Partner with Zach, Apply Here. He doesn’t accept everyone, so fill out the application form to show the best you.

Good Luck!


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